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Frank Ocean’s Mother Thanks Fans for Supporting Her Son


It’s only been a few days since Frank Ocean revealed to the world that he once fell in love with a man — it was his first love to be exact. But since then, Ocean’s become the most talked about name in music, with many fans criticizing him for his sexuality, while many others have praised the singer for being brave and honest about his life. Well, that support has not gone unnoticed and Ocean’s mother, Katonya Breaux Riley, recently took it upon herself to thank his loyal fans for supporting her son.

Just hours after Ocean released his infamous Tumblr post about his sexuality, Riley took to Twitter to say how proud she was of her son for “coming out.”

“My son is brave and honest and I am very proud of him. I wish more people in the world could be brave enough to be who they really are,” tweeted Riley.

Shortly after, Riley sent a message out to Ocean’s supportive fans, thanking them for standing proudly behind her son.

“Thank you to all who have shown love and support. My son is the most incredible human I know. Honest, true and loving. We appreciate you!” tweeted Riley.

Clearly, Ocean isn’t the only brave one in the family. It’s great to see that Riley is supporting her son wholeheartedly and accepting him as is, sexuality and all.

And she’s not the only mom to be so accepting of their child’s sexuality. Check out some other famous LGBT stars and supportive celebrities. – nicholas robinson


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