Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky and Other Famous Child Predators

Rob Lowe, the pretty-boy of the infamous Brat Pack crew of the 1980s

The horrific and damning report by former FBI director and judge, Louis B. Freeh, regarding  Jerry Sandusky showed a culture of noncompliance and conspiracy to cover up the child predator’s crimes by the most powerful men at Penn State, including the late legendary head coach Joe Paterno.

Freeh’s report comes at the conclusion of an eight-month investigation that included thousands of interviews and millions of pieces of correspondence that offer irrefutable evidence that Penn State’s power structure had multiple opportunities over a 14-year period to stop Sandusky, have him prosecuted and prevent the abuse of innocent boys, some whose identity the country may never know.

Tragically, Sandusky is far from the only high-profile personality to be convicted of having sexual relations with minors. Here is a list of other famous child predators.


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Terry Shropshire

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