T.J. Jackson Granted Temporary Guardianship of Michael Jackson’s Kids

T.J. Jackson Granted Temporary Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids

The son of Tito Jackson has just been granted temporary guardianship of Michael Jackson’s three kids amid claims that there is ongoing strife in the Jackson household. According to TMZ, T.J. Jackson will be in charge of Paris, ‘Blanket’ and Prince after a California judge granted him guardianship early Wednesday morning. The judge also ordered the children not to leave the state.

T.J., 34, appeared victorious after today’s court appearance and told reporters, “There are only three words I want to say: Always kids first!,”  When asked if he wanted Katherine Jackson, the children’s legal guardian, to return home he responded, “That too!”

Before reaching today’s decision, the judge appeared apprehensive to grant T.J. temporary guardianship because Diana Ross, Katherine Jackson’s successor to guardianship per Michael Jackson’s will, was not contacted. It was later decided that Ross would receive notice of the decision within 48 hours. Debbie Rowe, the mother of Jackson’s three children, will receive notice as well.

T.J. Jackson Granted Temporary Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids
T.J. Jackson

During today’s hearing, T.J. claimed he had a “strange phone call” with Katherine Tuesday that left him worried. Katherine, 82, is said to be in Tucson, Ariz., where she is staying with relatives, not missing as her granddaughter Paris previously reported. “I’ve never heard my grandmother talk like that.”  said T.J. about the bizarre call, “She wasn’t sharp.  The pauses, choice of vocabulary … she has not used certain phrases like that before.”  TJ thought she was talking in code.

Just yesterday, police responded to a family disturbance at Katherine’s home, where a physical altercation broke out between Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Michael Jackson’s three kids. It’s alleged that Janet and Paris were involved in a physical fight. Surveillance footage later showed Janet taking a swipe at Paris’ phone while the rebellious teen pulled away.

T.J. Jackson Granted Temporary Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids
(L to R) Blanket, Prince and Paris Jackson

RadarOnline later released an official statement from Katherine’s lawyers claiming that the three children “ambushed” her grandchildren and then “aggressively” removed Prince, Paris and Blanket’s cellphones from them, as part of their plan to separate them from their grandmother and keep them silent.

The alleged issue between the Jacksons is said to be Michael’s will. The document reportedly leaves everything to his children under the care of Katherine, while his siblings were left with nothing.

T.J. Jackson is rumored to be applying for PERMANENT guardianship within 48 hours. Besides being now the temporary guardian of the Jackson children, T.J. Jackson recently came to light for being Kim Kardashian’s first boyfriend. The pair dated when she was 14. –danielle canada

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