Mimi Faust Debunks Joseline and Stevie J Engagement Rumor

Mimi Faust Debunks Joseline and Stevie J Engagement Rumor

Last week, the blogosphere was abuzz with rumors that “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” most infamous cheater, Stevie J, had proposed to his mistress, Joseline Hernandez. Though Stevie has been mum on the matter, his longtime girlfriend, Mimi Faust, recently opened up to debunk the rumors.

In a phone interview with TT Torrez of Power 92.1, Faust was asked if the engagement rumors were true and she replied, “Oh God, come on … stop it!”

While it’s not exactly a direct answer on the issue, Mimi claims that Stevie doesn’t claim Hernandez as his woman and still denies that anything is going on between them.

“Still to this day, I’m still getting, ‘That’s just my artist; we’re just getting money,’ ” explained Faust.

And that’s pretty much been the story Stevie’s been feeding Faust throughout this season of “LAHHA.” And though many fans look at Faust as a fool for not knowing about Stevie’s infidelity, she claims that Stevie saved Hernandez’s number in his phone as “Big Homie,” making her believe it was just a friend calling his phone.

Faust also claimed that she didn’t learn of Stevie’s affair with Hernandez until a month before filming.

“I knew something was going [on], I just didn’t know what. We actually started the show about a month after I found out what was going on,” she explained. “Y’all are watching like, ‘D–n, she’s stupid,’ but then again, how am I going to be stupid if I didn’t know?”

Fans recently learned that Faust and Stevie broke up mid-season over his cheating. But with no clear answer on the engagement rumors, the other million dollar question is: will Faust return to Stevie.

“You guys are going to have to tune in,” said Faust, after a long pause.

Oh well, if they do get back together, it will surely provide for more delicious drama on the show. But Faust and Stevie aren’t alone in their drama. Check out some other infamous love triangles below as well as some other “LAHHA” stories below. –nicholas robinson

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