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Cheated On? Experts Share Strategies for First Rebound Date

Larvetta Lofton.

Love connector, trendsetter, Larvetta Lofton is the founder of L3Eventeurs, a boutique lifestyle marketing and special events agency based in Chicago. Lofton, who is engaged to be married, has produced many events, and has witnessed love blossom — and unravel.

Lofton tells rolling out that the best relationships begin with a good first date, and contrary to popular opinion, the woman is in control of how the date ends.

Here, Lofton shares her best advice for getting yourself back on the market.

What NOT to Do On Your First (Rebound) Date Larvetta Says…

Don’t think of it as a rebound. Don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend, baby’s daddy, or your luck with other dates. This date should be a fresh start!

Don’t be late.

Don’t talk about yourself and your work, nonstop.

Don’t talk on the phone or send text messages to others.

Do help to plan the evening; recommend where you want to go, just in case he doesn’t ask you to share some thoughts.

Always say “thank you,” at the end of the date … whether it was good date or not. This may or may not have been a love connection, but your date did take the time to hang with you.

Always be kind, kindness goes a long way.

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