K. Michelle and Toya Wright Feud Over Memphitz, Again

K. Michelle and Toya Wright Feud Over Memphitz, Again

After publicly blasting Memphitz for allegedly abusing her, K. Michelle of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is taking issue with his wife for openly doubting her accusations. Michelle, who recently taped the reality show’s reunion special, discussed Toya Wright’s support of her record exec hubby. As previously reported, Michelle gave a detailed interview in June about the night Hitz crossed the line and assaulted her. “That man smothered me with a towel, took a towel, put it over my face,” said Michelle. “I’m crawling out the room, he smothered me again. He hit me with a water bottle.” Following that, Wright raised doubts about the singer’s claims through Twitter “#ICant,” she simply wrote upon hearing the news.

Now obviously perturbed by Wright’s comment, Michelle blasted Toya on Tuesday during a “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” press conference. “Ima tell you one thing … if you wasn’t in that room, you need to shut the f—- up,” said Michelle responding to a question posed by blogger Miss Drama. “And Ima tell you one more thing … if I don’t come at you, then you don’t come for me because my story is my story,” she said. ” So, I don’t care if that’s your husband or not because at the end of the day, you look d— drunk. That’s what you look … d— drunk.”

K. Michelle and Toya Wright Feud Over Memphitz, Again
Toya and Memphitz

“You need to be quiet because ain’t nobody came for you,” she added, addressing Wright. “I let you be a woman, I let you do what you needed to do as a woman. I’m happy about your hair, your books. We all need to stick together as women. But what you won’t do…you can be ride or die for your man but don’t be riding for a cause that you don’t know s—about.”

Since Michelle’s scathing words hit the Internet, Wright’s Twitter account has been flooded by fans asking for her response; a response she soon gave them.
So what exactly did Toya have to say this time about K. Michelle? Check out her response to a fan’s observation below. –danielle canada

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