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Toya Wright talks about pain of separation from Memphitz in exclusive interview


Rolling out caught up with Toya Wright at Garb Shoetique where she was preparing for her daughter Reginae’s birthday and appearance on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16.” This is the second exclusive interview in which Toya spoke about her separation from Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright, her husband of four years.

Rolling out was curious to know how Toya is handling all of this. Pay close attention to this one-on-one conversation:

How are you holding up through not only balancing your business, but being a mom, being separated from your husband, and now dealing with your fans and social media by publicly revealing your stance on your current marital situation?

It’s tough because [MeMpHiTz] he’s like my best friend. It’s hurtful to see him going through everything he is going through. All I can do is really pray for him and this situation. I can’t just sit around and continue to be the blame for the way things have turned out to be.

What is your biggest fear of the outcome of this situation?

I’m just hoping this will just pass. I am hoping he can get back to being Mickey, and it’s like everything is tearing him down and all the rumors and slander changed him. Like he let’s this get him down and it has made him bitter. I’m like how can you let these people change you and get you down. He is not the type of person that typically ever let what people say get to him. If you really know him, you will know that he does not care what people think about anything! He don’t give a d—. He is going to do whatever or say whatever. He still loves his family he still treats us the same. It changed him in a sense that when it comes to the world now, when it comes to putting a certain image out there, he is a bitter person and he was always so nice and charming.

I have been knowing MeMpH for eight years. People are saying he hasn’t changed he was always this person. I mean, the representative doesn’t last that long. It goes away after you get the person and he has had me for four years I’m not blaming anyone of saying this person caused us to have a divorce. I am saying the situation after all the representative doesn’t last for eight years. You can’t pretend to be someone for that long of a period of time.

I know most of the frustration comes from the backlash of the lawsuit with Viacom and perhaps in the beginning when deciding to go this direction maybe not thinking about the broad reach of Viacom and it being bigger than one network. Viacom covers BET, MTV and VH1 — all the sources that birthed him in this industry. Now all those doors are closed and that was solely where the success of his career came from.

People don’t know that side of him. They only know him as my husband.

He is still very conscious of your brand. He’s always mentioning not tarnishing it. Do you think in his mind the separation protects your brand?

The mix-up is people thinking we have the same brand. We are two totally different people. Like I explained in a previous interview. He is more adventurous. He would do things I would never imagine doing. It would make your adrenaline rush! That’s just who he is. He is his own person. I am a very safe person. I would be like “what the hell?” He brought me out of my shyness in many ways. But what I never wanted to do in this whole marriage and relationship is to want him to have to feel as if he needs to dim his light so I can shine. Or fall back in my shadow and be miserable so I can be happy and have this whole “good girl” image. Because the “good girl” thing is me. Just because I wouldn’t do what he would do, that doesn’t mean we would have to be the same person. The minute he does stuff or posts something everyone says, “Oh my!” and reflects it back on me, just because it’s not something I would do. And we are two different people. We don’t do the same thing.

Yeah, MeMpHiTz had a television show on BET before you and Tiny Harris had a show. The show was created by Stephen Hill, so he had his own lane and was respected by many on a different level. So I can see why he’s so frustrated with his current situation.

It’s not fair. … You are going to walk away from your family because of this? Because you don’t want to mess up my brand? You want to do this crazy stuff so you are going to walk away? … It’s just stressful. I think Memp doesn’t like being in my shadow. Every time he tries to be himself someone is saying “I’m telling Toya!” Someone always saying, “Oh my gawd Toya!” “That’s disrespectful to your wife!” “Oh you are this, and you are that!” People are always having something to say.

You have a very strong fan base. They may be as strong as Bey’s beehive. At this point, you just have to pray for inner peace.

He is a loving person and he can’t help it. That bothers me when he says he blames everything on love and says love gets him in crazy situations. That’s kind of hurtful to hear. It’s like you go through things when you love someone. I had changes in my life as well.


  1. sugarbutterbean on February 19, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    judging from what she told wendy williams this is a lie , she told wendy that her husband was tired to living in her shadow of being the man called the husband of little wayne x , so does casper feel this way with jenifer lopez? or any of the other celebs who ex spouse was famous that is REACHING MOMA , EVERY OTHER WORD SHE SAYS IS ”HE” notice that means she is consumed with getting him back , he want be comeing back , toya made the mistake of doing what she is doing now make excuses for his bad dealings in the pass , k michelle didnt lie he did abuse her i think , he didnt hit you cause the spot light would have shined on him beating lil wayne ex ,and that would have effected waynes daugheter then he would have been slaughtered , wayne dont play …..
    his little dirty secret bit him in the ass is all that happen , he though if he married waynes ex that would blow him to the top , and instead he got shot to the ground , he should not have took this approach with the record company adesperate reach , toya was adviced against this , and he didnt like it cause she didnt comply with his ignorant scam to get back at michelle no one was there but him and her so how he gonna prove what she said on the show was not truth, ? he need to sit down and take his beat down ., he whine to much bout shit he caused , toya girl move on around and stop slacking cause you got no real talent but notoriety , so girl what do you need him for…. regina check will stop rolling and how will you live so lavish i wonder ? she did get some money from her reality tv show but girl bye , lil wayne mone is in your pocket still and memphiz is exiting cause them checks fixin to be gone soon ,and you have no career ,and regina gonna do ok cause her daddy got her …. but he aint fixin to continue to fund mempphiz and toya, she said wayne and her talk everyday really,? huh no wonder she try to dump salt on kristina milan , she want wayne her self , it aint happening , she would have left memphiz if wayne wanted her , thot thot
    i never trust this miget and tiny ether , she even broke off freindship with tiny after finding out they wrote her out for a new girl on that reality show, lol but she covered it by saying , she was angry at tiny for something else , she is so confused , she had a lot of plastic work on her face and teeth done and look bettta but still she aint nothing but a gossip colum page ., peopl.e wanna know what lil wayne ex is up tpp , hat is what feeds her pocket she need to let memphz go it not worth risking your last year of child support checks ..

    • URilliterate on February 22, 2015 at 1:56 pm

      Right! This entire article is a lie. I don’t even believe Toya did this interview it seems cut & paste from all over the net. Rolling Out is wrong for this trash.

  2. sugarbutterbean on February 19, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    something i want to bring light to new orleans is know as the south also , those women from georgia mississipi and alabama, hold marriage to a high level they dont marry to be divorced in a few years , i understand her desperation , your know as a woman who couldnt hold your man usually southern men dont file for divorce as quick as maybe someone from missouri or california , people in those 3 states hold dear to vows , the men feel the exact same way it takes a hello of a challenge for someone to walk away from a wife then again hollywood light will do it , lil wayne left toya also, money and greed will devide even the strongest love , i feel bad for her cause you can tell she is really trying to make since of his hasty exit , which he could just not been marriage material girl it is what it is , let it go and move on , you may not get wayne back , and thats good you dont need his drama either , but try to make the best i notice she had no other kids after regina interesting very: all a person needs now days is one child times are too hard and people are to unfocused to raise kids , not good for our world that needs change and new life to run it . but good for people who dont need to be committing to bullshit marriages then be done wit it in 3 years or less waste of life … i dont believe marriage is forever anymore its just a piece of yourl ife experience we must go through its over move on marry again , dump him , have some kids and try to be a better mother than you were a wife or husband , toya stop living in the hope of a tradition its ok to loose a bum no one is judging you ma we all have our won skeletons too

  3. sugarbutterbean on February 19, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    toya you dont have to make excuses for a man who made his bed , sad you are taking the fall for what he did to k michelle , this was before you oviously so he should not been sleeping with his artist in the first place thats what happens ask la reed, i mean move on, stop wanting to be married to a man who has no committement in his blood and may have attached himself to you for the purpose of getting some of spot light from little waynes image , its not you who was in the music business it was him he had more to gain from marrying you than you him , he was really a nobody , producers dont make much , he needed abrand through you he got that , he never was a good rapper , so now he exiting you cause he just atired brother ,using k michelle to get away from you . when he realize you were his life line he will come crawling back , and you may take him cause your a weak woman for love