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Chicago’s Pop-Up Shops

A pop-up shop is a short-term sale space usually opened by a designer, or store, for an event. In Chicago, there are plenty of pop-up shops that come and go; there are even pop-up art galleries. With all the pop-up shops that come and go, it can be pretty hard to keep up. Here are three pop-up shops that are currently in or are about to arrive in Chicago.

LollaShop (The Pop-Up Shop)

With official Lollapalooza gear as well as some things from Sony, Baggu, Goorin Bros., Rad and Refined, JammyPack and Threadless this was definitely the place to shop before, during and immediately after Lollapalooza. The shop was located at 332 South Michigan Avenue. You may be able to find some late last-minute deals as they lock the doors.

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