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T.I. Defends His Wife and Daughter in Instagram Rants

It’s no secret that the King of the South, T.I., is fiercely protective about his family and will quickly “behead” anyone who threatens them. And that was never more apparent than last week, when Tip went on a verbal rampage against a guy after he left a dirty comment on a picture of Tip’s daughter, Zonnique.

After the 16-year-old OMG Girlz member posted a photo of herself on Instagram, a male user left the crude comment, “Can we f—?” on her photo.

Like the protective papa he is, Tip rushed to his daughter’s defense and proceeded to verbally rip the young man to shreds.

“Ni—a u ever disrespect me & mines like that again I’m gon throw more $$$ at ya head than it cost to build yo mama a new house,” Tip roared. “Boy don’t f—k your sad azz lil life up before i can get it started…u gon get yaself “F—ked” aight…in ya mouth wit ya own lil pee-pee. Now keep playin round wit it lil homie. #NoBulls—t.”

And the verbal annihilation didn’t stop there. T.I. had another Instagram showdown on Aug. 9, when he posted an old photo of himself and his wife, Tiny, for Throwback Thursday.

Several users took jabs at Tiny about her face, leaving comments like “This is cute, B4 she damaged her face!” And as expected, Tip fired off another verbal assault, viciously laying into his wife’s detractors.

“All y’all got waaay mo sh– wrong wit y’all…ain’t none of ya no dimes..not in my book anyway” and “F– U shawety!!! U ever disrespect me or ain’ 1of mines I’m pressin that line on ya…look like u damaged your waistline. #DisrespectWillNotBeTolerated!!!!!”

Let that be a lesson to all potential critics, don’t mess with Tip or anyone in his family or you will be punished severely. But Tip isn’t the only protective celebrity husband. Check out some more protective husbands and boyfriends below. – nicholas robinson


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