“100 bands, cut your girl, now your girl need a bandaid.”

2 Chainz raps about how money can buy sex from your girlfriend. He has 100 bands ( $100,000), which allows him to attract your girlfriend for sex. Once he has sex with her (cut), she now needs another band (band aid).

A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

  • SherriEtienne

    This guy and Mitt Romney for President proves that a lot of people in this world are dumb as F–K!!!!!

  • 2chainzbestrapperalltime

    what about “if you fuck with me ill put my foot up ya ass” that ones too deep for me.. oh look i just made a rap..

    • Billy

      He took that from NWA (Gangsta Gangsta)