K. Michelle, Mimi Faust, Star in Domestic Abuse PSA, Memphitz Responds

K. Michelle Looks Bruised Aand Battered in Domestic Violence PSA 

After being accused of lying on Monday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, a famed singer is once again speaking out on domestic violence. K. Michelle, whose been adamant that she suffered abuse at the hands of producer Memphitz, is starring in a new PSA advising young girls on the dangers of abusive relationships. The campaign sponsored by ‘Saving Our Daughters,’ shows a bruised Michelle speaking directly to the camera. “I am here,” says the singer in the ad. “To help a young mother learn to love herself first, I am here to help take the power away from date abuse.” During the latest episode of her reality show, rapper Rasheeda questioned Michelle and told her she had doubts about her story.


Along with Michelle, Mimi Faust participated  in a similar domestic abuse ad with visible scars added to her face. “I am here to help take the power away from all esteem slayers,” says Faust in the video. “I am here to yell confidence.”

Since the ads hit the web, both Faust and Michelle have received praise for taking a stand. “Team K. Michelle,” wrote supportive fans on Youtube. “Good job Mimi!” wrote others. Not so supportive however, was the man whose been at the center of Michelle’s abuse allegations. Taking to his personal Instagram page, Memphitz wrote a series of scathing messages subliminally dissing his Hollywood ex. This is not the first time Hitz has spoken out against Michelle, he previously called K. Michelle ‘Pinnochio’ and claimed that he “made her.”

See what Memphitz had to say about K. Michelle this time below. -danielle canada 

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