The Ladies Talk About Jessica and Mayte’s Fight

After last week’s explosion, Jessica, Mayte and the other ladies retreat to their own corners (and friends) to talk about the big fight. Andrea and Sheree have definitely sided with Mayte, and they agree that Jessica is so narcissistic and mean because she’s trying to cover up her own deep-seeded emotional pain. However, Nicole teams up with Jessica and when she meets with Mayte, she explains that Mayte should have confronted Jessica privately and that her blowup was inappropriate. Mayte says that she’s embarrassed about her actions, but unwilling to apologize to Jessica. And, when Sheree meets with Jessica, she tries to get Jessica to meet up with Mayte again so they can come to a better understanding. However, Jessica still can’t see her fault in the matter and is hesitant to meet with Mayte.


Nicholas Robinson

I'm a lover of quirks and writing compelling pieces for my readers.