The Drama Continues: K. Michelle Says Rasheeda ‘Has No Backbone’

K. Michelle Blasts “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Costar, Again

Two stars of a hit reality show are still at odds today even though their VH1 program has stopped filming. K. Michelle of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” is continuing to talk about her castmate turned archnemesis Rasheeda. As previously reported, the ladies battled in front of an audience on their personal Twitter accounts.

Earlier this week, K. Michelle called in to 92 Q Jams’ The Ko Show to talk about the reality show that’s garnered her newfound celebrity status. In particular, she was asked to talk about the now infamous abuse claims she’s made about producer Memphitz. “I don’t wanna go in on him,” said Michelle on the husband of Toya Wright. “I don’t have to say who it is. Since the first episode I didn’t say his name.”

She did, however, get more specific when asked about her cast mate Rasheeda, who has openly expressed doubts on the abuse story. “Girl, she don’t have no information,” said Michelle about the rapper. “She couldn’t handle the media. She was my friend, invited me to the studio with her. When the first episode came out and the media got to her, even the producers and everybody were really shocked,” she added.

When asked what exactly everyone was so shocked about Michelle replied, “Just that she doesn’t have a backbone. Her husband even said, ‘I believe her.’ [K. Michelle]”

Rasheeda has yet to respond.

Just last week, however, Rasheeda did have a few words for K and quickly told her in front of Twitter followers, “You have no man and no friends! #UrSelfDestructing!” Both ladies will be featured on the pre-taped “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion in the forthcoming weeks. –danielle canada

Rasheeda and K. Michelle of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Battle on Twitter

Rasheeda and K. Michelle of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Battle on Twitter

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