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Lil Scrappy Admits to Being Bipolar?

Fans of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” know that Lil Scrappy can be pretty wishy-washy when it comes to his love life. But Scrappy now claims that his indecisive attitude about love is due to being bipolar.

Scrappy makes his bipolar claim in a short YouTube clip as he discusses his new song with singer Chinkie Brown, which is appropriately titled “Bipolar.”

“Sometimes I feel like I am bipolar in relationships because I wear my heart on my sleeve,” Scrappy claimed. “My past relationships had me thinking, ‘One minute I’m with a girl, I’m lovin’ all on her and the next minute I don’t even wanna deal with her or be bothered with her.’ ”

Considering the context of Scrappy’s video and the fact that he doesn’t actually mention any effects or symptoms of the disorder, we’re going to assume that he doesn’t actually have bipolar disorder and that he was just (improperly) using it as a way to describe his inability to commit.

But if you want to see some star who actually have the disorder, check out our list of bipolar stars below. – nicholas robinson


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