Tameka Raymond Loses Custody Battle to Usher

Tameka Raymond Loses Custody Of Her Two Sons 

After just losing her 11-year-old son to a jetski crash, Tameka Raymond has apparently lost custody of her two sons with Usher Raymond. TMZ reports that Usher was triumphant in court today over Tameka who was fighting to keep 4-year-old Usher Raymond V, and 3-year-old Naviyd. The singer will now have primary custody of the two boys although Tameka will stave have some custodial rights to her children.

The mother seems to be reeling over the judgement and wrote on Twitter just three hours ago, “A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing… A mans loyalty is tested when he has everything!”

(L to R) 3-Year-Old Nayvid, Usher Raymond, 4-Year-Old Usher Raymond V

As previously reported, Tameka’s son Kile Glover succumbed to heart failure after being seriously injured in a Jet Ski accident. The preteen was the son of Tameka and Bounce TV executive Ryan Glover. Usher reportedly only visited the child that was supposed to be his “stepchild” one time in the hospital and lawyers for Tameka were adamant that he was feigning sympathy. Just weeks after the young boy was laid to rest, the ongoing custody battle that Usher personally started continued, along with allegations that Tameka was an unfit mother.

Kile Glover and Tameka

Before today’s ruling, Tameka’s attorney claimed that the singer’s busy schedule made him incapable of caring for his sons and his “village people,” consisting of his mother, grandmother and aunt, would not be enough help. Furthermore Tameka’s team battled that Usher was a drug abuser who slept with two of her bridesmaids and later rammed his car into his mother’s while in a fit of rage. The attorney’s claims however apparently weren’t enough to sway a judge her way.

Our prayers are with Tameka, surely losing a child and then losing custody of two more soon after is a heavy burden to bear.-danielle canada

Tameka Raymond Issues Statement on Son’s Death, Usher Custody Battle

Tameka Raymond Issues Statement on Son’s Death, Usher Custody Battle


Usher and his sons Nayvid (Left) and

Usher Wants to Settle Tameka Raymond Custody Battle


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