Kim Kardashian and Ray J

In 2007, a pornographic home tape of Ray and his then-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, from four years prior was released by Vivid Entertainment. Though Kim sued the company and later settled for $5 million, many argue that the sex tape turned Kim into an overnight superstar. Recent reports have claimed that Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, may have brokered the deal for her porno.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • SherriEtienne

    Have they not proven that a man made vagina looks just as official as a real one (minus some minor scarring)? Damn! I think a vast number of people are more prone to believe that Joseline was once Joseph and this barrage of “See, I have a vagina!” See, I had an abortion!” See, see, see, I’m a girl”, is a horrible attempt to dispell the rumors and disbelief. Besides, I’m not too sure how revealing she was once a man will go over with her past, present and future john’s… She’s likely to get dealt with!