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Did Bobby Brown Leave Rehab Early?

Bobby Brown’s addictions have plagued him for years, but earlier this month, it seemed like the oft-troubled singer was getting help when he entered a rehab center for alcohol addiction. But now it’s been revealed that Brown has left rehab and many are wondering if his treatment ended or if he left early.

Brown originally agreed to go to rehab as a part of his plea deal that he made back in March, when he was arrested for a DUI. And though Brown had already planned on getting professional help, RadarOnline is reporting that he may have had a change of heart.

The site claims that Brown’s family and friends are worried that Brown left the treatment center too soon and that he’ll soon fall back into his old drinking habits.

“Bobby is no longer in rehab, he decided he’s had enough treatment for his problems,” a source close to the family said.

The source claims that Brown did just enough to fulfill his plea deal before checking out.

“When he first checked in, he promised his family and friends, including his New Edition band mates, that this time he was going to stay in rehab for the full treatment. That’s normally a 90-day program,” said the source. “However, after fulfilling his duties for his DUI plea deal, Bobby has decided that he doesn’t need treatment anymore.”

They’re not sure if he was ever serious about conquering his demons and have voiced their concerns,” the source continued. “It’s difficult to believe someone going into rehab for alcohol addiction for such a short time is genuine about giving up drinking.”

Despite the sources claims, Brown’s wife, Alicia Etheridge, had a totally different story to tell. Etheridge recently told RumorFix that Brown didn’t leave rehab early; he “graduated.”

Etheridge also addressed rumors that Brown isn’t serious about getting clean, saying that, “No one is worried. We are all supportive and proud.”

Well, only time will tell if Brown’s stint in rehab was a success and if his resolve to stay clean will remain true. Though, we hope he stays sober and avoids going back to rehab or worse like these other rehab repeaters below. – nicholas robinson


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