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Xbox + Stolen Car = the Strangest Case of Puppy Love. Ever.

Lovesick Texas teen, 13, drives hundreds of miles to meet her man.

Puppy love can be a very dangerous thing, especially when you add an Xbox, a stolen car and the open road to the experience.

Texas teen 13-year-old Elizabeth Annett Robinson met her 12-year-old Kentucky flame Dylan while playing Black Ops on Xbox. The two children bonded and Elizabeth began to lock herself in her room to converse with her online boyfriend.

Elizabeth’s father banned her from talking to Dylan and took away the Xbox, so the young lady decided it was time to meet her man in real life.

On Thursday, Elizabeth stole her mother’s debit card, her brother’s Nissan and headed to Kentucky to meet up with Dylan.

Elizabeth maturely left a note explaining that a bully at school prompted her to flee.

The parents called police and followed the teen via her debit card activity and caught up with her on Thursday night (Sept. 6) in Nashville, many miles away from her hometown.

“It’s amazing she was able to manipulate the roadways,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland told the Houston Chronicle.

Elizabeth’s father, who punished the teen and took away her Xbox (and according to Elizabeth that was the root cause of her road trip!) graciously drove the child the remaining hundred miles to meet Dylan in real life.

Aw, sweet.

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  1. Terry on September 9, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    Wow, what a great story — a strange and unique odyssey. Thanks for posting Zondra. I’m reposting this on FB and Twitter.