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Top Model Once a Sudan Refugee: Meet Ataui Deng

While at Fashion Week in New York, I spent time  backstage at the designer Ruffian’s show. I came across a strikingly beautiful 6-foot tall model by the name of Ataui Deng. She was absolutely,charming, cheerful and full of energy. So much so that  I had to get to know her. She is kind and has a gracious spirit. Deng has modeled for ad campaigns for Bergdorf Goodman, appeared in television and magazine editorials and is seen as one of the fashion industry’s fastest rising stars.  I had a chance to chat with her and find out a little bit more about this stunning beauty. We discussed being a refugee from Sudan, how she was discovered, dating and her favorite fashion shows she’s walked in.

Ataui, how did you get discovered? My family is from Khartoum, Sudan. We were refugees from my country and moved to San Antonio, Texas.I attended an expo in Texas and I was discovered there. I am now signed with Trump Modeling Agency.

What have been some of your favorite shows to walk in? Any designers you would like to work with? I love Hermes, oh my gosh! I also love Christian Dior. I love all things couture. The clothes are amazing and beautiful. I would love to model for Prada.

Have you ever had any bloopers on the catwalk? Oh my, yes! I was walking for Zac Posen and I thought I would try to do the Naomi Campbell spin when I got to the end of the runway and I fell (laughing). I got up and dusted myself off and kept walking, it was funny. The shoes we were wearing were pretty high and funky looking, they were hard to walk in.

Any beauty regimens? I normally do not wear makeup unless I’m working. I drink lots of water and I like to use African shea butter. I don’t carry a makeup bag, sorry.

What do you like to do when your not modeling? I love to be with my family!  I’m not dating anyone at the time but I’m very active and love sports. I like to play basketball.