Best Do-It-Yourself Quick Weaves on YouTube

Best Do-It-Yourself Quick Weaves on YouTube
Beyoncé gets her hair braided before her sew-in.

Let’s say you have a big date and your favorite stylist is booked to the hilt. What are you going to do? If you’re like today’s sisters on the go, you’re going to whip up a quick weave style to get you through the weekend — and if you follow the instructions on these top video tutorials listed here, your overbooked stylist may miss you altogether.

Here are the best five do-it-yourself quick weaves on YouTube.

Using Milky Way weave (14 inches in color #2) UniQueLeeMade creates an adorable style.

The video is professional, the angles are clear, she’s a great instructor and best of all, the full sew-in weave is perfect.
“I use the net to put less tension on my client’s hair. It’s best to sew coming from underneath the braid rather than over the top … it matches the natural hair growth pattern.”

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