Guidance Counselor Fired Over Sexy Photos: More Teachers in Lingerie

Guidance Counselor Fired Over Sexy Photos: More Teachers in Lingerie
Tiffany Webb was fired over this racy photo.

5. Tiffany Webb, a Manhattan guidance counselor who was thisclose to being tenured in a $94,000-a-year job, was instead fired when photos from her past resurfaced.

While in her 20s, Webb modeled lingerie and the 37-year-old disclosed her former job to the Department of Education when she was hired as a guidance counselor.

In the meantime, the photos have been altered to give Webb a bustier appearance. Also, her head has been placed on the bodies of other models online.

Webb’s lingerie photos have been seen on the “Mo Girls Entertainment” and “Showgirlz Exclusive,” adult websites, despite her request to remove them, she says.

Webb was fired for “conduct unbecoming” after ex-principal Andrea Lewis reported that a student showed her Webb’s lingerie picture.

Webb has re-emerged as a New Jersey teacher, living under a new name. She has said that she will file a lawsuit against the DOE in Brooklyn Supreme Court, to seek back pay and reinstatement. Webb told the New York Post, “I would love to return to the DOE and resume the career I have chosen to help and guide students.”

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