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KKK Hoax! 5 More Outrageous Hate Crimes — That Never Happened

Azalea Cooley

1. Handicapped, Cancer-Stricken, Black Lesbian’s Home is Vandalized. No Cancer, No Handicap, No Vandalism.

Portland, Oregon: And now, the worst of the worst.

Azalea Cooley, a wheelchair-bound lesbian who was battling cancer, was the victim of an egregious hate crime. White supremacists painted “Burn Nigger Burn” on Cooley’s home.
Concerned for her safety—as Cooley was formerly a corrections officer and one of their own–police secretly installed cameras around the house to catch her getting crimed on.

Gasp! Video surveillance revealed that Cooley faked the crime, faked her limited mobility, police caught the wheelchair-bound victim standing straight up and burning a cross in her yard; and she faked her cancer, as Cooley shaved her eyebrows to appear ill.

Police did not determine  if Cooley was indeed a lesbian.

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