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Irvin Ashford Named PeopleFund’s 2012 Champion of the Year



Adrian Neely, board chair, Peoplefund; and Irvin Ashford, SVP Comerica Bank


On Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, PeopleFund, a community development financial institution and nonprofit organization, presented its 2012 Champion of the Year Award to Irvin Ashford, Comerica Bank’s senior vice president of public affairs and director of community development and external affairs.

Ashford was honored for his outstanding leadership and dedication that lead to a successful merger of the Dallas Plan Fund into PeopleFund during his tenure on the Plan Fund board. Ashford has since transitioned to the PeopleFund board of directors and co-chairs the Dallas Advisory Council.

PeopleFund provides business loans up to $250,000 to Texas businesses that do not qualify for bank loans. Clients are provided with business assistance and education to ensure their success.  PeopleFund’s target market is comprised of women, minority and veteran business owners and those in low- to moderate-income communities.


Irvin Ashford, SVP Comerica Bank and Gary Lindner, President and CEO, PeopleFund