T.D. Jakes’ ‘A Million Colors’ Closes Englewood Film Festival

T.D. Jakes’ 'A Million Colors' Closes Englewood Film Festival
-A Million Colours

Rolling out spoke with the cast and of Ousted and here’s what they had to say about A Million Colours.

Tiffany Monique, Ousted

Why is temptation so irresistible?

“We are all human, we all have eyes and see things we’re attracted to but marriage is a bond, a union that should overpower lust and temptation. A husband should only see me and I only see him.”

How would you describe the power of real love?

“True love is never selfish or jealous and comes from within. It is never ugly; it can only make you do things which show love.”

Emmanuel Allen, Ousted

What is the foundation of a good marriage?

“Foundation, the platform to a good marriage is chemistry. Sharing the love, and being honest and learning to accept and support each other through it all.”

How do you describe Sabela and Muntu’s romance in ‘A Million Colours?’

“Their love was unconditional. It was inspirational. No matter what, they never stopped fighting for their love, they never stopped loving or being in each other’s heart and mind.”

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