Urban Fetes: Networking Events for Serious Professionals

Urban Fetes: Networking Events for Serious Professionals
Shannon Waldron of Urban Fetes in Chicago.

Ask yourself, how do your activities promote growth and development for a better you? Urban Fêtes is attracting a new following and is broadening the dynamic world of networking.

Shannon Waldron’s Urban Fêtes has hosted some of the city’s most successful “Mix n Mingle” socials in Chicago and sets the tone for entrepreneurs, business owners and urban professionals to celebrate and inspire each other. Rolling out spoke with Waldron recently.

–Lydia K. Nesmith

Urban Fetes: Networking Events for Serious Professionals
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 What do you bring to Chicago’s social scene?

I provide a comfortable and extremely pleasant networking opportunity for those who come to the Urban Fêtes events; you never know who might be there to connect you to your next break.

What advice do you have for people who want to pursue their business ambitions?

My advice would be for them to list pros and cons of getting their business up and running, to understand that it takes money to make money, figure out what will make their brand “different” from the next one, and to genuinely spend some time formulating their business plans. There should be no competitors, other than competing with self.

What is your daily inspiration/motivation?

My family. They’ve taught me more lessons about life than I could ever possibly find on my own. They’ve always been my greatest supporters/contributors and have continuously motivated me to excel and be the best I can be. They are the reasons why I have my values work ethic.

What is the vision for Urban Fétes?

Our goal is to present opportunities for accomplished and progressive adults to connect socially and professionally with like-minded individuals, while simultaneously giving enterprising businesses, artists and brands the chance to market their products and services to this exclusive crowd.

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