Tech company Floating Sheep has calculated where the majority of racist Tweets are coming from, and immediately after the election the company searched for Tweets containing “monkey” or “nigger,” and “Obama” or “reelected” or “won,” and isolated the ones that were geotagged with a location.

Based on their findings, the most racist Tweets are originating from the Southern states, and that may not be surprising. What is most surprising is that most of the Tweets reposted here are from millennials, a group that is thought to carry the torch for Post-Race America.

Take a look at these ugly racist Tweets; a few of these Twitter users will soon find out that making death threats against the president is a felony.

Racist tweets surged after Pres. Obama won re-election.



Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

  • go figure

    what id like to know is why is it so special that its a felony for someone to make a death threat against a president, ut yet, its not a felony for say joe smith to make a death threat against say, joe brown?….why is it that obama has spent more on personal security since being in office than all other presidents of the united states ever COMBINED? why is is that even here in california (a clearly democratic state) that you can walk up to people on the street, even in the big cities, white, black or whatever nationality, and ask them about obama being re-elected, and everyone cant belive it and feel that hes screwed everything up so bad that alot of things might even be irrepairable, but yet he supposedly won not only the electorial vote but the POPULAR vote too? i smell election fixing. personally i dont care if the president is white, black green , orange,ect as long as they can and do a decent job of running the country, and sofar, obamas extremely lacking.i think alot of his race was run on the ‘i got osama bin laden” ticket, but fact is, id almost guarantee they had him already dead quite some time before he was supposedly gotten by obamas ordering a seal team in. think about it. we found saddam in a rat hole in the middle of the desert, but osama was so slick that the most powerful and tech advanced country in the world couldnt find him, that is, we couldnt find him until it got real close to time for obamas re-election. theres pix of sadams execution all over the web, you ca atch him being hanged on friggin youtube for christs sake, but the government wont release osamas death photos? why you ask? because the seal team didnt get him, id almost guarantee that. they wont release them cause they dnt have any. osama bin laden was dead for several years id bet before he supposedly was caught and executed by the seals. the people of this country are like friggin cattle with blinders on.

  • Tony

    @go figure.. get back the money that you spent on education !