Dionne Warwick’s tweet lands on New York City billboard

Dionne Warwick’s Twitter action has landed the veteran diva into the hearts of social media fans, and now Twitter has posted one of her tweets on a billboard in New York City’s Bryant Park. The 80-year-old singer is among several social media influencers, including Denzel Dion, Angie Thomas and Lauren LaBlue, featured in Twitter’s marketing […]

Kanye West fires off stream of disturbing tweets, says wife wants him committed

Kanye West fans are becoming increasingly concerned about the rapper’s mental health after he fired off a stream of bizarre and disjointed tweets. A day after his calamitous presidential rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, on Sunday, July 19, 2020, Kanye, 43, likened himself to the doomed Black male character in the blockbuster horror film […]

Terry Crews under fire again for latest Black Lives Matter tweet

Either Terry Crews is a masochist who derives pleasure from receiving pain, or he just enjoys trolling Black America every week with some absurd and outlandish social media post. This is the sentiment many Twitter fans shared after the “America’s Got Talent” host fired off yet another tweet that got him summarily smacked down. Without […]

Federal workers defy Trump and set up rogue Twitter accounts

The election of President Donald Trump has resulted in an unprecedented crackdown on free speech when it comes to government agencies. This week, Trump shutdown the Twitter accounts of the EPA, NASA, National Park Service and the Department of Health and Human Services. It is agreed by most reports that this is an attempt by […]

Twitter explodes with #TakebackHU at Howard University

If you follow #TakebackHU, it is apparent that Howard University is in a state of crisis. The student body has used social media as a platform to address the serious issue of what appears to be a historically Black college with “historically Black problems.” Although Howard University is among the most well-funded HBCUs in the […]

10 interesting tweets about #MyUnpopularBlackOpinion

The fascination with Black Twitter users continues to expand, as even mainstream media has begun to cover trending tweets and hashtags widely shared among African-Americans. On Sunday night, the expressive and clever tweets from Black Twitter continued. Twitter reported that #MyUnpopularBlackOpinion was one of the most popular hashtags on the site. The hashtag is accompanied […]

Supreme Leader of Iran tweets ‘Black Lives Matter’

It’s a sad day in the history of America when a tyrant leader of an oppressed country can speak truthfully of America’s sin. Over the last few days, the Supreme Religious Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran commented on race relations in the United States on social media. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wrote about oppression […]

You’ve got to be kidding!!! Man live tweets burglary and gets arrested

Man Live Tweets Home Invasion And Arrest When you compile the list of the dumbest criminals of all time, you must include this imbecile to the list. This idiotic man, who was thirsty for attention, actually was dumb enough to tweet a home break-in, in which he stole an Xbox. It did not turn out […]

Rihanna’s explicit sex show tweets get bar owner arrested

The singer’s posts on social media during her trip back in September previously led to the arrest of two Thai men who were allegedly in possession of a controlled species, and now it looks like more of her tweets have gotten someone else in trouble.

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