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10 interesting tweets about #MyUnpopularBlackOpinion


Photo source: Tyree Boyd-Pates’ Twitter

The fascination with Black Twitter users continues to expand, as even mainstream media has begun to cover trending tweets and hashtags widely shared among African-Americans. On Sunday night, the expressive and clever tweets from Black Twitter continued. Twitter reported that #MyUnpopularBlackOpinion was one of the most popular hashtags on the site.

The hashtag is accompanied by an opinion about African-American culture that may be considered taboo to admit or isn’t typically shared within the community. Overall, #MyUnpopularBlackOpinion allowed Twitter users to express thoughts that are too often pushed under the rug in place of generalized opinions, while also highlighting the abundance of colorful point of views that make up the Black community.

Below are some of the most intriguing #MyUnpopularBlackOpinion posts.

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