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The 5 worst holiday snacks for dieters

Fact: 3,500 calories equals one pound (weight gain).

You’re probably an expert calorie counter, and you’ve learned to give the dessert table the respect it deserves. You know the damage that cheesecake can do, and so you may nibble the goods but you don’t overindulge, especially if you’re trying to meet a weight loss goal.

So, how in the heck are you putting on holiday pounds? Sadly, though, it’s not that hard. If you consume an extra  3,500 calories,  you will gain an extra pound. At first, 3,500 calories sounds like a lot but, when just one bite of a snack can add 100 or more calories, hitting that magic number is way too easy.  To make matters worse, even popular vegetarian party snacks that appear to healthy can be loaded with calories, leading to unintended weight gain.

Here then, are the worst snack foods that you can eat during the holidays.

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