Where are they now? Xscape


Xscape — where are they now?

During the ’90s when auto-tune was rarely used as a crutch to cover up poor vocals, there was an Atlanta based group featuring four ladies with equally powerful voices. Back before Destiny’s Child dominated the 2000s, Tameka Cottle, Kandi Burruss, LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott formed So So Def’s super group, Xscape and our ears reaped the benefits.With hits like “Just Kickin It” and “Understanding,”the group was on a high, until they came to a screeching halt following their 1998 release Traces Of My Lipstick. After a few failed attempts at reconciliation and a mixtape that failed to take off as expected, the group remains a thing of the past and a few of the members have gone on hiatus. If you’re curious to see how the members of this popular 90s girls group fared, click below.-danielle canada


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