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Kasandra Michelle Perkins: The new face of domestic violence

Kasandra Michelle Perkins, RIP

The crime has been dissected to the point of sadistic voyeurism.

We know what his disposition was the day before, what he wore, what his concerns were, what he ate for breakfast, and, sadly, what he drove to the crime scene to commit the act.

No need to name him. You already know who he is. So let’s reverse the analysis, and put the spotlight on the unfortunate one who was on the receiving end of the violence: Kasandra Michelle Perkins, 22, mother of 3-month-old Zoey.

Kasandra Michelle Perkins

Perkins was an NFL player’s girlfriend, who was stressed from the adjustment of new motherhood with a boyfriend who was constantly on the road.  There were fights, cousin Angela Perkins told Newsday:

“[They had] been having a lot of problems. They weren’t getting along for quite a while. There was just a lot going on. She was stressed. He was stressed. Arguing was “a regular thing. It just started to go bad, but they had the child and they were trying to make it work,” she said.

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