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‘Playing for Keeps’ movie review

Playing for Keeps
Stars: Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Dennis Quaid, Noah Lomax

In this lighthearted rom-com, Gerard Butler plays George, a down on his luck former professional soccer player who’s looking to reinvent himself. So instead of moping around feeling sorry for himself, he decides to get off his nicely muscled duff and coach his son’s soccer team. The retired footballer leaves Ireland and heads to America to establish a relationship with his son. George, it turns out, may have been a star on the turf, but he’s a novice in dealing with romantic acrobatics. Jessica Biel plays his son’s mom, Stacie, who might be just a little wistful about how the relationship with her hunky ex could have been different. But before the two can explore that possibility, George has to wade through a voracious group of man-hungry soccer moms. As in, Jaws hungry. You almost feel for the poor fella. Almost. –p.d. lee