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Tamar Braxton accuses Beyoncé of faking her pregnancy, ‘Beyhive’ respond

Tamar Braxton attacked by Beyoncé fans 

Did Tamar Braxton call out Beyoncé this week accusing her of faking her pregnancy with Blue Ivy? That’s the rumor that’s swirling  after a number of Bey’s fans tuned into “Tiny Tonight.”  As previously reported, T.I.’s ex-Xscape wife is hosting her own late night talk show alongside Tamar, Claudia Jordan and rapper Trina. And on Monday’s premiere episode of the program Tamar came under fire for alleging that Beyoncé’s pregnancy was a sham. “I don’t think she was pregnant. The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like “Oh s—!”, remarked Tamar on the program.

After receiving hateful messages from dedicated members of the songstress’ fan club or ‘Beyhive,’ Tamar was forced to respond via Twitter. According to her she never doubted the singer, instead that was her cohost Claudia Jordan.


Angry Beyoncé fans didn’t believe her however and continued to rip into her relentlessly. The creator of the show Tiny also came to the singer’s defense and noted that when she hugged the songstress she “felt a hard ball” in her stomach.

Check out more of Beyoncé’s fans setting Tamar straight below. -danielle canada

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