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Entertainment » Tamar Braxton single after finalized divorced

Tamar Braxton single after finalized divorced

Tamar Braxton (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

Tamar Braxton is divorced.

The “All The Way Home” hitmaker is officially a free woman after a judge legally dissolved her marriage to Vincent Herbert – whom she split from in 2017 after nine years together – during a recent hearing, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

It’s believed the estranged couple still has a few more details to sort out regarding their assets and it’s not yet known whether they have agreed on a custodial arrangement for their six-year-old son Logan.

The 42-year-old singer, who filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences,” recently said she didn’t want to stay married for the “sake of saying so.”

She explained at the time: “Married people who are reading will know what I mean. Sometimes we stay married for face value or to say, we did it, but the truth couldn’t be more broken &further apart than we are NOW!..even on an anniversary!

“You can say he did this, she did that,I put up with”this”& I’ve suffered & endured this for so long..but the TRUTH is that this was your choice2 stay we get so caught up in WE are”winning”in love that we are LOSING a battle that doesn’t have ANYTHING 2 do with us! I decided I didn’t want to be married for the sake of saying so (sic).”

The hitmaker and reality star is now dating someone new, but is refusing to share too many details on their relationship and his identity, in case it jeopardizes his career.

She said recently: “I was just really protective of who he was because he’s definitely not in the business, doesn’t want to be in the business and doesn’t care about the business.

“So I was just protecting who he was. I think I put so much on him, but it was really me who was protective of who he was because of his job and I know his clients mean everything to him. I just wanted to keep that to myself until I knew it was real.”