10 Most photoshopped celebrities of 2012

10 Most photoshopped celebrities of 2012
Vivica A. Fox before and after photoshop,

The 10 most photoshopped celebrities on this list, ironically, have one thing in common: They look good with or without it.

However, some heavy-handed art directors, and keepers of the celebrity image, prefer to airbrush photos until the subject no longer looks human, but a cartoon representative of themselves. Critics charge that the unrealistic images are damaging for the self-esteem of women, others have argued that celebrities welcome the tools of modern technology to help them look their best. Here, then, are the ten top celebrities that received the most digital makeovers in 2012; you tell us, do they look better with or without the manipulation?

10. Vivica A. Fox

10 Most photoshopped celebrities of 2012
10. Vivica A. Fox with airbrushing (left) and without, center and end.
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