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Sheree Whitfield loses lawsuit with lawyers

Throughout Sheree Whitfield’s time on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the “classy” housewife had a reputation for stiffing people on the bill, including her former cast mate, Phaedra Parks. Well, now it looks like someone’s finally taken Whitfield to court over her missing payments as her former lawyers have sued her for $100,000

According to TMZ, the law firm Weinstock & Scavo sued Whitfield back in 2010 after she accrued $165,000 in fees while they repped her during her bitter divorce with Bob Whitfield.

Court documents claim that Whitfield eventually paid W&S $69,000 of her bill but failed to pay them the remaining $96,000 because she claimed they overcharged her.

However, a judge recently sided with W&S and Whitfield was ordered to pay the law firm the outstanding balance, plus interest, which amounts to $119,674.

Well, hopefully, Whitfield won’t end up in court anymore for stiffing the bill. But she’s not the only star with money issues. Check out some other celebs with money woes below. – nicholas robinson


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