Detractors say Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy sonogram was fake

Detractors say Beyoncé's Blue Ivy sonogram was fake

Blue Ivy ultrasound called a fraud

Beyoncé, 31, previously released the trailer to her HBO “Life Is But a Dream” in an attempt to silence rumors that she was never actually pregnant with baby Blue Ivy.

“They keep trying to put me in these tight clothes, this is crazy,” says Beyoncé in the doc. She then shows off a growing baby bump and a sonogram.

Unfortunately for her, however, detractors are once again doubting that the singer carried her baby and have taken to online forums to share their doubts.

“After seeing Amber Rose pregnant I really think Beyoncé faked her pregnancy,” said a fan on Twitter. “She was pregnant for like five months.”

In addition to comparing her to other pregnant celebs, some have even questioned the color of Beyoncé’s bare pregnant belly, claiming that it’s a shade of pink and therefore a prosthetic. And as for the sonogram she so proudly put on display, well that’s easy — it’s actually a picture of a tumor, not a fetus.

“That’s not a baby, that’s a mass tumor!,” wrote a critic. “I know, I’m a real mom!”

Detractors say Beyoncé's Blue Ivy sonogram was fake

And while her detractors are still spewing hateful messages about her online, fierce members of Beyoncé’s BeyHive are firing back in comment sections to defend her.

“Her baby is her business. And your lives are your own,” wrote one. “This lady was actually pregnant with her baby. Stop with the gossip, it’s evil,” added another.

Check out just a few of the ridiculous comments about Beyoncé’s “fake pregnancy” below. –danielle canada

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