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‘Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s’ depiction of blacks on cover pure racism

Funny how a man who owns a multibillion-dollar corporation and media conglomerate doesn’t seem to know what people think or feel.

Although I believe very few African Americans read BusinessWeek, I do believe that they should know what the cover of the most recent cover details.  It shows three African Americans in a two-story home loaded with cash as well as a large-breasted Latina.  There are no white people in the article and all of the caricatures are complete with big and wide fat lips. One man is even eating cash out of a bowl as if it is cereal, and let us not forget about the barefoot black man waving loot out the window.

There is a lot to be upset with the cover, but that is not the only problem. The article is supposed to be about “The Great American Housing Rebound.” Then the image as well as the premise of the article asserts that the reason the housing crisis happened was because of minorities buying houses that they could not afford. Which in itself is a flat-out lie and misinterpretation of the data.  The reason was because of millions of people of all races losing their jobs and even less opportunity for re-employment.

BusinessWeek, you just lost a reader.  Not because of your cover, but because the facts do not match what was written and even worse, you seem to prefer feeding into tea party and even KKK racial stereotypes.  It’s 2013, and frankly I am not the one.