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Diet plan: Snooki drops 42 pounds after baby


Reality star Snooki has slimmed down after giving birth in August. Saying bye-bye  to her baby weight, former “Jersey Shore”star Snooki shows off her fit figure. The star’s weight has dropped from 144 pounds down to 102 in the seven months. Baby Lorenzo was born Aug. 26, 2012.

Snooki appears in Us Weekly‘s latest issue, posing in a high-waist leopard-print bikini, the pint-sized mom looked slim and trim. She is just as hot as she wants to be for her own satisfaction, and for fiancé Jionni LaValle.

“I lost it for me,” she told the magazine of her weight-loss motivation, “but I also wanted Jionni to know that I can be hot as a mom.”

It wasn’t an entirely easy journey, however. The 25-year-old noted, “When you have a baby, everything changes.”

Her routine is simple. “I go four times a week, and we do legs, arms and everything. And after every one-hour workout, I do an hour of cardio,” is what she revealed in Jan when it was first noticed that she was dropping weight.

Snooki’s only complaint is that she had to choose a high-waisted bikini bottom. She previously stated the “mommy pouch” was the worst part of the changes her body underwent during pregnancy. She also has the most hated and unwanted pregnancy trademark.

“It takes awhile to get rid of the stretch marks, too. Stretch marks suck,” Snooki shared. “They came the ninth month. I was like, really?! I thought I was free from them, but I wasn’t.”

Check out a few pictures Snooki shared with the world during and right after her pregnancy.

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  1. Salim on March 8, 2013 at 11:48 am

    yaya da costa…she is beautiful, should be on this list…especially considering she lost on AMNTM to the lighter skinned Eva (forgot her last name).