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Celebrities who were bullied as kids

bullies, Tom-cruiseTom Cruise — One of the top five highest-grossing actors in the history of American motion pictures was bullied nonstop as a kid. That’s because his father moved the family often to find suitable work, forcing Cruise to acclimate himself to new surroundings and new schools often. Bullies love to pick on the new kid, so Cruise had to defend himself often. One day he decided to take on the bullies from the start, lest he endure their treacherous ways for the entire year. One day, Cruise decided to create a reality for himself, instead of what his bullies said what his reality was. it was the beginning of a remarkable rise from victim to international superstar.

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  1. grammerz on June 12, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    I think you mean “epithet” not “epitaph”