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‘The Sheards’: Meet the cast

040113-shows-the-sheards-producer-j-drew-sheard-ii-2J. Drew
J. Drew (22) is on a mission all his own as he wades through his own transition period. Growing up in the church, his great grandfather, grandfather and father all became bishops. Now, Bishop Sheard is pushing his son towards the direction of the church, but J. Drew wants to focus on being the next big secular hit-making producer. J. Drew is also trying to maintain a civil relationship with Shantel, the mother of his two year old son, who wants to have a relationship with him beyond their son.

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  1. David White on April 17, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    J. Drew Sheard was a teacher at Charles R. Drew Middle school… If so, he was my teacher there…