JoJo Simmons attacked by Juelz Santana affiliate (video)


JoJo Simmons, the eldest son of Rev. Run of Run-D.M.C., was reportedly attacked this weekend by Skull Gang affiliate Hyneif. The confrontation stems from the fact that Simmons released a diss track back in February aimed at Dipset/Skull Gang’s Juelz Santana called “Holy Water.” Simmons dissed Santana after Santana referenced him mockingly in a song lyric about the Simmons family’s success and JoJo’s own lackluster reputation.

“Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell [Simmons], then disrespect his nephew?” JoJo rapped on the track. “The industry forgot you, f—er, you nothing special/Piss in a test tube, like Jigga, they can’t knock the hustle/These n—as hate to love you/Simmons will not let you/Compare your money to my uncle, that’s just disrespectful/You’re not eligible …”

The brief feud seemed to be all but forgotten by hip-hop fans until this weekend.

According to reports, Hyneif confronted JoJo and forced him to call Santana and apologize for the song. To add to the humiliation, he posted an Instagram photo of the altercation. Alongside the photo was the caption:

“Guess who I caught y’all Lil punk a$$ Jo Jo that made the diss track look at his face when he ace! #facts shouldn’t pop s–t if u not bout that life real n—as don’t care who u related to f–k n—a.”

JoJo was asked about the incident during an interview yesterday with Crave TV and, while not directly addressing the situation, he admitted that something happened and that he’s obviously no thug — having grown up in wealth all of his life.

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Stereo Williams
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