Ekene Onu encourages women to refresh their potential through retreats and workshops

Ekene Onu, creator of Refresh Plus You
Ekene Onu, creator of Refresh Plus You

Ekene Onu is on a mission to “help women get unstuck, refresh their potential and live fabulously.” The creator of Refresh Plus You, a lifestyle conference kicking off in Atlanta on July 13, 2013, that includes networking and interactive workshops, is an author, licensed pharmacist and a certified professional coach.

“Refresh is a lifestyle and personal development brand that I started in 2011. It grew out of my experience working as a licensed health care professional and living as a woman trying to balance all the different aspects of my life and realizing that I, like so many other women was stuck in some aspects of my life and therefore, I wasn’t able to live that fabulous life that I wanted.

“Many of us are stuck in careers that are not fulfilling or relationships that are going nowhere, or in false notions that stop us from creating lives that truly work for us.

“Refresh is about providing women with the tools and resources to realize the areas in which they may be stuck and take the necessary steps to change things so they can begin to live the fabulous life,” Onu says.

This writer had the pleasure of meeting Onu who was looking fabulous at the Derby Hatwalk fundraiser. Read what else she had to say.

Why did you create this initiative? What was the tipping point?
I created this because while working as a pharmacist, I met so many women over the course of two decades who were having to take various medications and as I spoke to them I realized that while the medication may now be necessary because of the disease states or disorders that they may have, many of them also felt really stuck.

One compelling story was about a perfectly coiffed woman who needed some sleep medicine. As I asked her to tell my why she was having trouble sleeping, she broke down and started to cry, right there in the middle of the aisles. As I spoke to her, I understood that she was stuck in the notion that she had to be superwoman and handle everything around her, without asking for help.

Who benefits?
Anyone who attends my Refresh events or reads our books or who is coached by me, benefits. The women who leave my events, often email me about their renewed sense of power — many have gone on to finally start businesses, or find loving relationships or end toxic ones. … My website, www.refreshwithekene.com, is filled with resources and information that have proven useful to many.

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