Grieving mother unleashes dogs on nagging TV reporter

dog reporter

Melissa Lawrence was grieving over the murder of her teenage daughter when Rhode Island reporters approached her regarding the arrest of a suspect. But when Abbey Niezgoda of ABC 6 attempted to get a quote about the suspect, Ms.Lawrence did not want to comment.

Lawrence asked Niezgoda and her crew to leave several times. However, Niezgoda continued to pressure Lawrence until she became belligerent.

Lawrence threw a rock at the news station’s camera crew and grabbed a bat when they wouldn’t leave. She then unleashed her dogs at Niezgoda who was bitten on the arm by one of  the dogs and chased the news reporters into an alley until Lawrence called her dogs to return.

Lawrence’s daughter, Ny’asia, 16, was shot Sunday evening while celebrating at a kindergarten graduation party for a family member. Several teens showed up to the party and ate food. However, the elder Lawrence wanted the teens to pay for the food they ate and argued at them until they left. The boys later returned and shot at the house where Ny’asia was struck in the back.

Lawrence was arrested for assault on the reporters.

Share your thoughts. Was Lawrence wrong for unleashing her dogs on the reporter, or did the reporter cross boundaries by nagging a grieving mother?

Watch the video below:

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