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Allen Iverson could face prison over $40,000 in unpaid child support


Allen Iverson continues to face issues after retiring from the NBA. Iverson’s ex-wife, Tawanna, recently went to court with the hopes of getting the former NBA star incarcerated due to unpaid child support.

Tawanna claims that Iverson owes $40,000 in child support. In January, the courts forced Iverson to pay $8,000 per month for the couple’s five kids. Tawanna is alleging that Iverson never paid any of the money. She also wants the judge to place Iverson in jail for his failure to pay.

Along with domestic issues, Iverson has faced financial problems and several of his homes have been foreclosed. He has also dealt with alcoholism. During the court hearing in January, the judge told Iverson he couldn’t drink a drop of alcohol for the next 18 months and he was ordered to attend AA meetings.

In 2012, the Dallas Mavs offered Iverson a chance to play for a contract if he joined the NBA’s Developmental League for a few months; however, Iverson declined the offer.


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  3. Mike Mack on June 14, 2013 at 3:21 am

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