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Get familiar with singer, rapper Velous


Singer/rapper Velous is one of music’s newest faces. The release of his new single “Large than Life” has created quite a buzz in the industry. The 21-year-old Kingston, New York native was recently selected by MTVU as, “Freshman of the Week”.   Check out more from the Swanky Music Group artist below. ~christian johnson

What made you want to pursue a career in music?

Music is all I know. I was raised in it, my father was a musician; my mother was a vocalist, so I was always around it. It’s the only thing I’m passionate about and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

What are some things that inspire you?

When it comes to my music, my environment, feelings, experiences and emotions definitely play a big part in the creative process.  The environment around me typically affects my emotions which in turn dictate how my music will sound from time to time.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I’d have to say my parents, then Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder.  Pharrell is the reason I started producing; I’ve always been intrigued by Stevie Wonder, which is why I’m currently studying his life.

How do you want to close out the 2013 year?

I want to drop my project, Velocity, very soon. I’m anxious to see how people will receive it. I just want to work because I know the harder I work, the more opportunities that will be presented to me.

Who is an artist you would like to collaborate with?

Kendrick Lamar is my favorite hip hop artist at the moment. The thing about Kendrick that makes him so special is that he has a lot of the same qualities of some of the dopest artist in the industry.  He is such a dynamic force.