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Michael Mauldin discusses the Scream Tour


As the Scream Tour stopped at Cascade Family Skating for the kick off of the tour, rolling out got a chance to chat with the legendary Michael Mauldin. Mauldin, the father of hip-hop mogul Jermaine Dupri, talked about the tour, his work with new artists, and why it’s important to reach out to young people.  The year 2013 marks So So Def’s 20th anniversary, but Mauldin has no plans to retire. –christian johnson

Why is it so important for you to keep the Scream Tour going?

Over the years the Scream Tour has been focused on artists that are known, so promotion was big. This year it’s a little different, being that we are making it a community-oriented program.  We are developing some new rising artists in association with Nick Cannon. Atlanta is the kick off city and we’re hoping to continue to build up the momentum. It’s all about the community and getting the kids involved.

What is next after the Scream Tour?

We’re still in our 20th year anniversary for So So Def, so we have shows going on with that, and just a lot of artists that I’m working with. I manage the OMG Girlz, so we’re rolling them out, but basically we’re just continuing to move forward. We have a program called the Next Generation of Leaders. It’s an extension of the tour, in which we’re looking for some of the next leaders. It’s going to be like a back-to-school campaign. We plan to go around and talk to kids in the community. Again, it’s about our youth and trying to uplift them and move them into the next generation. If we can lead them, they can lead us.

What are you looking forward to on Father’s Day?

I would like to say some rest but you know it’s really exciting. Believe it or not I have a 1-year-old, so that’s big for me. It’s really important to have that family support. What I’m looking forward to more than anything is for fathers to be celebrated and for them to recognized for what really makes them a father — their kids. If they spend time embracing their kids, then I’m sure their kids will embrace them in return.

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