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Radio and TV personality Frank Ski on Father’s Day and being a great dad


Radio and TV personality and motivational speaker Frank Ski was the driving force behind the highest-rated morning radio show in Atlanta for 15 years, “The Frank and Wanda Morning Show.” His charisma and skills behind the mic inspired millions to take that leap of faith to fulfill their dreams and to live life to the fullest.

We caught up with the current host of “I’m Just Saying” television show at his Frank Ski restaurant in Buckhead so that he discuss what Father’s Day means to him and the intangibles that makes a great father.

Listen in:

What in your opinion is a great father?
I think what makes a great father is being a great example. Every kid wants to look up to a dad. And the best thing is to look up to what a dad is. The best way to be a great dad is when another kid says  ‘I wish that was my dad.’

Do you have a favorite Fathers Day memory with your children?
One of the things that you have to do in order to do that is, one, you have to consider your family unit. Those are you children and that’s your priority. But you really have to take an interest in all of the children around you. And that is what a truly great father is — a pillar of the community and the person that others look up to.

Father’s Day in my household really involves my boys taking me out to my favorite restaurant to eat. I don’t really have a favorite Father’s Day memory.  It’s always such a great time to see my boys taking me out to eat, using their own allowance just to take dad out. And that really warms my heart.

What are some of the things that you do in order to keep your boys on the right track and to ensure that they can live our their dreams?
What I do to keep my boys on the right path — and whenever I speak of children, I’m talking about people under the age of 21 — is preventing them from making those decisions that that affect their lives. And that is showing them that there is more things out there to obtain than just the things they see in their circle. So what I do with my kids is that I’m always traveling with my kids. I’m always taking them somewhere. And I’m not afraid of putting them on a plane and taking them somewhere internationally. I think that too often what we do in the African American community is that we limit ourselves to the things we do by the scope of what we know and the scope of the people around us.