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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 9 best moments

 Mimi Yells At Nikko

Mimi dumps Nikko

All episode long Mimi has been irked by Nikko as he’s been showing the same controlling ways that Stevie J used to display. When Stevie apologizes to her, for the millionth time, about breaking her heart, she invites him to the video release party for her video with Nikko. But things go awry at the party when Mimi finds out that she only appears in the video for a few seconds. She ignores Nikko as Stevie brings her a BMW for her birthday. After Stevie leaves, Nikko confronts Mimi about her obvious feelings for Stevie and he calls her “damaged.” Mimi is furious and Ariane has to pull her out of the club as she yells and curses at Nikko.

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