She’s a friend of Toya Wright, Karlie Redd, Bambi and Rasheeda

Mary Jane has several reality star friends including Toya Wright whose husband Memphitz casted her for his controversial reality show, Karlie Redd and Bambi of Basketball Wives. Bambi was shown on Monday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta canoodling with Benzino although she was reportedly a “close friend” of Lil Scrappy.


Mary Jane and Karlie Redd

Mary Jane is also at least an acquaintance of her reported conquest’s wife. Rasheeda and Jane are mutual friends of Toya Wright and posed together for a picture during the starlet’s birthday party.


Rasheeda and Mary Jane


  • Sherri Etienne

    See, FAKE, FAKE,FAKE! “Reality” my azz! These folks are just capitalizing off ignorance and stupidity and the sad part is, we allow them to do it! Well not me cause I don’t watchi it. But mark my words, Kirk and Rasheeda gone ride this bus til the wheels fall off! Think about it, what else did they have going on exciting prior to this mess? Not much at all which is why they were gonna get axed last season.
    #thirsty #anythingforattention

  • Chelsea

    SMH….anything for a little name. What a disgrace!

  • Nicole R.

    She’s not even cute!!!

  • Nikki Strong

    Kirk is the loser all day! I’m not even mad at the side pieces. She’s seen the show knows he’s married and the whole nine. Unfortunately for Rasheeda, this girl is a home wrecker by choice. Kirk on the other hand is willing to throw away 15 years of marriage and a solid family because he’s feeling 20 again? SURPRISE KIRK!! You’re not 20 nothing or 30 nothing for that matter! If this is about ratings, then people are clearly the walking dead, and have no souls any more. Your kids will see all this shyt. SMH..